Green outfit, how to accessorize

Now and then I like to show you how to combine clothes and accessorize. I post these pictures on Instagram and on this blog I will comment on the choices. The rest of my website is in Dutch, as I am located in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. But being on Instagram requires a more international approach, so here I write in English, thé international language.


I am a colourful person so usually you will find colourful combinations on this blog. I do not like jeans, so no suggestions in that field.  To be quite honest I find jeans the most boring wardrobe piece ever invented. Why? Because EVERYBODY wears them. However much you combine these blue jeans, they remain blue jeans.

To get you inspired, I usually show a before and after to show you how you can change a look.


Green outfit

This green outfit speaks for itself. I would just like to add some details so you get inspired.

  • First you can see that I also have some fat around the waist I do not wish to show, so the jacket is there to hide all that.
  • In wintertime, tights and panty’s are a great accessory. And it is lovely to combine warm and cool green. That way ‘being all green’ is not so boring. Green outfit
  • Then there is the one earring. I lost the other one, but why not wear one. Who ever said you always have to put an earring in both ears?
  • Usually you put a brooch on the lapel, but I think it is nice to change the obvious sometimes. To keep everything in balance, the earring is on one side, the brooch on the other.
  • Green outfitShoes are by Jan Jansen, a well-known Dutch shoe designer.

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