It’s Xmas time – Green and Red

I love green, but even more I love combining green with red. Or the other way around, if you wish. And as its Xmas time – Green and Red are allowed. No one will laugh at me. So here we go: Before and after:

Avoiding horizontal lines

As I am only 1.62m, I try to avoid horizontal lines. So first of all I go all green to create a vertical line. The nice thing about a blouse is that it hides your fatty parts, much better than a T-shirt that clings to all your curves.

It's Xmas time - Green and red

Green and red

But just green by itself is a bit boring, so I ad some red. As I said, I am not so tall, so the bottom part goes all red. Panty’s and shoes. To make my legs look longer!

Then a red vest and my favourite red baret. Then I finish it off with my Maroccan green and red neckless. And red lipstick ofcourse….

It's Xmas time - Green and red

Enjoy your X-mas time with Green and Red.

Shoes are by Dutch designer Jan Jansen. Skirt by (unfortunately bankrupt) Cora Kemperman.

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